Driving Safety Tips For Windy Weather

lgv wind conditions

When driving in windy weather, take note of the following points.

  • Plan your journey to avoid exposed or high roads (such as motorway flyovers, bridges or viaducts) if possible
    Anticipate how conditions may affect other road users, especially cyclists, motorcyclists, and cars towing caravans – take particular care when overtaking these. Take particular care when driving empty and high-sided vehicles, which will be affected more by the wind. When driving an empty curtain-sided vehicle, tie both curtain sides at one end of the vehicle to reduce the effect of side winds.
  • Watch for places where conditions could suddenly change, such as a gap in the trees, or after passing some form of shelter such as a bridge or large vehicle.
  • If you have to travel on exposed roads in high winds, be prepared for lower speed limits, lane closures and diversions.